Industrial Services for Debarking Drums, Stacker-Reclaimers, Dryers, and Other Woodyard Millwright Repairs

About Us

Heavy Machines, Inc. is a diversified industry heavy equipment sales, service, and rental company with 8 branch locations servicing 14 states from the south, mid-Atlantic, and northeast. In continuous business since 1971, Heavy Machines specializes in forestry, scrap and heavy construction applications that demand continuous and reliable equipment in production settings.

For over 25 years, our Industrial Services Division has been on call to serve the most acute needs of industrial complexes as they shut down for much needed additions, heavy welding and fabrication repair.

The needs we serve include:

Woodyard debarking drums

Stacker/reclaimer systems

Decks, conveyors & chutes

Scrap Yard shredders & infeed systems

Linear, RTG, and circular production crane erection/rigging

Debarking Drums

Complete inspections & written analysis

Preventive maintenance and longevity plans

Crack repairs

Lifter capping, replacement, upgrades

Hard surfacing

Complete shell & section replacements

Trunnion turning

Drum alignment

Support system rebuilds

New trunnions or rebuilds

Chute repairs and replacement

Relocation services in mill or beyond

Emergency shutdown response

Drum parts

Decks, Conveyors & Chutes

Additional welded structure

Welding maintenance

Design services

Stacker Reclaimers

Complete inspections and written analysis

Bearing replacements

Structure replacements

Gearbox & drive motor replacements

Rake & chain alignment and replacement

Problem analysis & solutions
Emergency shutdown response

Scrap Yard Shredders & Infeed Systems

Heavy welding & weld removal

Shredder mill maintenance

Infeed structure welding repairs

OEM Manufacturer for

Manitowoc Debarking Drums & Chain Flail Debarkers

Vretstorp-Verken (VV) Stacker Reclaimers